The Keffiyeh

Yeah I didn’t know what the hell that was when I read it either, don’t worry. But it’s the scarf-like things you see hipsters don on the daily. They look totally artsy and match your equestrian boots, but as it turns out, they are religious scarves worn by Arabs and Persians. Look kinda familiar but can’t quite place it? Here, let me help you. Clear evidence of an alliance between hipsters and Al-Qaeda.

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3 Responses to The Keffiyeh

  1. mae says:

    the scarves don’t really have to do with religion… it’s more like the social norm.

  2. Educated says:

    Keffiyeh’s have nothing to do with religion you dolt. It was originally worn by bedouins living in the desert to protect them from the sun and sand. Two things that are pretty common in the desert. Try doing a little research before publishing something that makes you sound like an ignorant douche instead of the regular, run of the mill douche persona that you are obviously trying to portray on this rather unoriginal blog.

    • bigf00te says:

      You’re right, I pretty much just write to be factually and politically correct on the unoriginal blog that you seem to still be reading…

      Feel free to stop at any time.

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