Hipster Self-Consciousness

So the other day I walked up to this thin guy with tousled hair wearing tattered skinny jeans, a v-neck under a flannel, and Sperrys. He was leaning up against a wall with a few similarly dressed friends and smoking a cigarette. So after explaining that I was doing some research, I asked him, “Would you say you’re a hipster?”

“No man, I’m not really ok with that label.”

“So you’re wearing all of the hipster trademarks, but you’re not a hipster?”

“If you don’t understand it, you just shouldn’t even ask that question.”

This whole interaction got me thinking. Almost every other fashion trend I can think of is proud of itself. Gangsta rap fans are proud to rock baggy Sean John jeans with a throwback jersey and some retro Jordans, and fashionistas are proud of their coach clutch and Jimmy Choos. But the term “hipster” has become…I don’t want to say offensive…but at least taboo among hipsters.

Then there’s hipster dancing, which you can barely call dancing. Not because they’re like bad at moving or something, I mean I’m not a dance snob; if you wanna get on the floor and express yourself, do what you do and who cares what other people think. What I mean is that hipsters just kind of do this awkward, half-dancing shuffle thing. Hipsters seem to be too self-conscious and fearful of the disdain that can come with true self-expression to actually engage in any sort of liberating dance movement. I mean, fuck, the dance floor at a hipster party looks like it should be encased in quotation marks. The only spark comes when the ever-present hipster party photographers show up to capture an ironic moment to post on their photography page.

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5 Responses to Hipster Self-Consciousness

  1. Anne says:

    first off i just wana start by saying i just stumbled across this blog and read all your posts so far and i think this is absolutly halarious and clever
    now onto this post
    i feel like hipster can be two things your look or your attitude
    some ‘hipsters’ have both but some dont
    i mean i guess if there is a guideline with how you dress that checks you off as hipster technically i am, i wear everything you have touched on..just how ive always dressed
    but the thing is i dont think of myself as a hipster because im not an arrogant judgemental asshole
    someone called me a hipster the other day and to be honest i found it offensive only because i feel like being a hipster is the attitude of being cocky thinking your better than other people and can only hang out with people who consider themselves to be cocky and original….hipster dressing go ahead…hipster attitude however i just wana say shut the fuck up your nobody important and nobody is original we are all copies of things we like and see

    • bigf00te says:

      First off, thanks for the love.
      Now onto my general rule of thumb, which is that anyone who gets offended when called a hipster, is a hipster. In general, no one thinks of his or her self as a hipster. That’s one of the hipster commandments. Your definition of hipster seems to encompass only the most pretentious and douchy state of hipster nation. I don’t know you so I can’t say, but your attitude doesn’t sound overtly hipster-esque.

  2. miss patrish says:

    Hahaha…This blog is quite humorous, yes! With most generalizations…you either find that they are mostly true and people are proud to be categorized into a certain group, or you end up offending people…again usually because the things you say are mostly TRUE and people don’t want to be categorized with a certain group, lol. In this case however, being that you are a “Bro”, (so it would be quite diffcult for you to discern the difference)…I think you are confusing “Hipsters” and “Indie kids”…(which is why you get the negative feedback from “Indie kids” being falsely accused of being “Hipsters”…..) Let me explain, “Hipsters” are poser’s and trend chasers, trying to fit into the “Indie kid” group…”Hipsters” are the non talented, non artistic, non originals…who dress like “Indie kids”…(like skater wanna-bes wearing Etnies, when they dont even skate!~??) “Indie kids” are intelectuals, musicians, and artists…who are always striving for originality…they dont talk about being “Indie” because that would be categorizing them into a group, which would negate their “Indie~ness” (for lack of a better term)…(“Indie” which is short for independent)…Meaning independent from influence. They are always trying to improve what has already been thought of or done, to create something new and original…or they go against the norms of society to induce change through the ‘shock factor’…either way they are progressive and can range from being non-tatted and straight-edge or pierced up tattoo artists….”Hipsters” however, are the Forever 21/Urban Outfitter mannequin look~alike abominations you see walking around most of the time trying to pretend they’re cool…they pop up all the time going to band-shows, and drinking PBRs, all wearing their little matching outfits with skinny jeans, and fedoras…They are fascinated with the artsy “Indie” scene and try to become a part of it…by dressing in a similar style, but true “Indie” kids can tell the difference…”Hipsters” try to grab attention…”Indie” kids are more like reclusive artists…that laugh at the rediculousness of the eager “Hipsters” trying to fit in….;)

  3. miss patrish says:

    Furthermore…I agree with Anne’s comment (above) regarding attitude vs attire…Liking a certain style of clothing doesn’t necessarily mean that you agree with what it represents or the people that tend to wear it…but we live in a material world…and I’m a material girl….lol, (I too, own some of the very same clothing in question of being “hipster” style, mentioned in this post) AND unless I choose to grow my own cotton and fabricate my own clothing…I have no choice but to shop in the stores that create a certain style of clothing (I love urban outfitters and forever 21 BTW)…but that doesnt mean I HAVE to be a deuschbag too, in order to wear it…LOL

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