Ah Pabst Blue Ribbon.  You may be tempted to call me out on this one and say no, this is not an element of fashion, it’s a drink. But you would be wrong. It is both. It has become such a hipster drink that it actually qualifies as an accessory, much the same way that chihuahuas qualify as a Beverly Hills accessory. 

Now again, being the man that I am, I am no stranger to bad beer. Natty is…well fuck, it’s Natty. But where Natty tastes like watered down light beer, PBR tastes the piss that comes out after you destroy a 30-rack of Natty. It’s just plain horrible. Find a new goddamn beer hipsters.

Fun fact about PBR though, in China it is sold for $44 a bottle under the name Pabst Blue Ribbon 1844, and seen as the epitome of classy and worldly beer. I mean, fuck, look at this bottle.

But don’t get it twisted, it’s the same shit (yes bitches I drank some Chinese PBR).

“Natty” count for this post: 4

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3 Responses to PBR

  1. seriously says:

    this is about 3 years late. all of your “comments” have been made thousands of times over. you are also just gross and sexist. how many more times are you going to be hilariously in favor of sexy “hipster” trends?

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