Ironic Facial Hair

Now I’m all for messing around and experimenting with facial hair. Shit, it’s one of the awesome things about being a guy. I’m even guilty of rocking the half beard for a day after NoShavember. But as soon as you start wearing the captain hook moustache on the daily, you become that guy. The lumberjack beard has it place too…on lumberjacks. Or Zack Galifianakis, but you get the idea. Hipsters, get your beard right. Figure it out.

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3 Responses to Ironic Facial Hair

  1. Phill Lane says:

    OK, so you’re clearly an expert – and I need expert opinion.

    After more than a year not touching a hair on my head, I’ve invited everyone I know and everyone they know to submit ideas for how to shape/shave my beard and hair – anything goes.

    More than 80 ideas from nearly 1,000 people have been shortlisted to five and these are now online for people to vote and donate.

    Whatever they vote for, I have to go through with…

    So have a look:

    Voting starts today, stays open for two weeks and the final cut will be on October 1st.

    It’s for a homeless charity in London, Centerpoint.

  2. Phill Lane says:

    Wise words, wisely spoken.

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