Ray-Ban Wayfarers

Now it’s time for a little praise for hipster nation. The hipster and indie crowds brought Wayfarers back into the public eye, and I’m a big fan. These thick-rimmed sunglasses were popularized primarily by Bob Dylan, and they resurfaced a few years ago. They are currently the most popular and best-selling single model of sunglasses in the world, and I’m the proud owner of a pair of black ones. Their immense popularity has resulted in the mass production of look-alikes and knockoffs, from the neon-colored ones that you can buy for about $5 on a street corner, to the more expensive Oakley look-alikes that retail for over $100. Good job hipsters.

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One Response to Ray-Ban Wayfarers

  1. karalain says:

    izvinete moje li da me opatite ot kade da si vzema takiva u4ela

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