Hipsters. Please brush your damned hair. Thanks

I, maybe more so than other guys, see a girl’s hair as an important part of how attractive she is. Now call me old-fashioned but I like a girl who takes care of her hair and takes a little time to make it look good. That’s why I hate the hipster trend of mussed and unbrushed hair. It just looks bad. And the sad thing is, hipster girls probably spend A LOT of time making their hair look that way. It goes right along with the 1st Hipster Fashion Commandment: Thou shalt spend an unreasonable amount of time, effort, and money to look poor and like you spent no time, effort, or money.

It’s sad really.

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7 Responses to Hipsters. Please brush your damned hair. Thanks

  1. sunny shokrae says:

    i’m not sure where you found this photo, but that is a photo of me and a friend circa 2003. that’s 7 years ago. there was no money, effort, time spent on my hairstyle, takes 10 minutes tops, and looked like that because of the thickness and layering of my hair. so get a clue before talking about something, especially something as stupid as this, and point your hate and criticism at things that matter.

    have a great day.

  2. David says:

    Eh, I like their hair. It looks free and artistic. To each his own.

  3. El Chupanalgas says:

    I don’t care about mussed up hair. Im gonna muss it later anyways. hell i might swing the bitch around the room like a helicopter.

    • bigf00te says:

      If I may quote the immortal words of my man Usher, “We want a lady in the street, but a freak in the bed.” So I’m just sayin it should look nice beforehand.

  4. ashle says:

    usher didnt’t say that. ludacris did.

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